Price of Petrol in Pakistan Increased By Rs 2.70 Per Liter – Expect Increment Again After 15th February

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has suggested increasing the price of petrol. The suggestion was to add/increase Rs. 12 per liter of petrol and Rs. 10 per High-Speed Diesel. The government has issued a notification for the month of February and has increased the price.  

Petrol’s price has been increased by Rs. 2.70 per liter. The new price has been implemented from 1st February. 

It has been reported that the increase in price is due to the fact that Oil Marketing Companies are demanding an increase in their profit margins. Dealers are also asking for an increment in commissions. 

New Prices of Petrol in Pakistan

After the increment, petrol will sell at the rate of Rs 111.90, and High-Speed Diesel will be sold at the rate of Rs. 116.07. (Per Liter Prices)

It has been reported by the Media it is likely that the Government of Pakistan may increase the price of petroleum again on or after 15th February. 

The opposition is protesting against the Prime Minister of Pakistan and demanding answers as the rate of inflation is increasing day by day. 

I am sure you are also worried because of it, so please do let us know your views on what you think of this decision by the Government. 

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