New Cars Introduced in Pakistan 2021

The year 2020 was an interesting year for the Pakistani car market. Many new models were launched, and the year has been a combination of upside and downs for both the buyers and sellers.

An interesting development in the year 2020 was the introduction of new brands and their cars in addition to the “Big Three” brands that people usually complain about. 

The introduction of new brands has increased the number of choices available for the local buyers to choose from. The same trend is expected to continue as we step into 2021.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most anticipated car models that are set to be introduced in Pakistan in 2021. 

KIA Cerato

Kia has emerged as one of the most popular brands in Pakistan in 2020. Kia has launched models like Sportage, which has allowed the company to set its foot in the SUV segment. 

New car models are planned to be launched by Kia in 2021.

Kia has already teased its new Cerato sedan in November 2020, and is planning to introduce the car in the country in 2021. The car model is expected to have a 1600cc engine, and 6-speed manual and auto transmission options.

You can find more details and specifications of the car on Kia’s official website. The company hasn’t revealed the price of this particular model yet.

Honda City

Without any doubt, this car is one of the most awaited models to be released in 2021. This is because Honda Atlas will release the new model of Honda City after 2010. 

The current generation of City in Pakistan is its 5th generation, which was discontinued in the international market after 2014.

Japan has released the 7th generation of this car in India, with a 1500cc engine, 6 speed-manual, and 7 speed CVT transmission. However, there’s mixed news about the company releasing the 6th or 7th generation in Pakistan. 

Keep in mind that the 6th generation of Honda City has also been discontinued in the international market.

Proton SAGA

Proton has recently released some car models in Pakistan, and after analyzing the market trend, the company is all set to launch its sedan in Pakistan in 2021. At first, companies might sell CBU units in the country as their local production is set to start in the second quarter of 2021.

The car reportedly has a 1298cc engine combined with 4-speed auto and 5-speed manual transmission. 

The car will have other features as well, which you can check out on their official website. 

Consumers should stay ready to pay around 2.2 to 2.4 million for this car.

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BAIC BJ40 Plus

The BJ40 is an interesting Jeep-cum-SUV set to be launched in Pakistan in 2021. Keep in mind that there’s no official announcement about the release of this car in Pakistan, but it will hopefully arrive in the Pakistani market in 2021.

The car, according to its manufacturer, will have a 2000cc engine. 

One of the best features of this car is that it can be converted into an off-road jeep. 

Its price will probably be around 6 million.

Hyundai Elantra

This model is also being awaited by the Pakistani consumer market. The company has announced the arrival of this car in Pakistan in the first quarter of 2021. This car will hit the segment which is currently dominated by models like Civic and Corolla.

This model is known to have engines of different ratings according to the needs of different regions. However, the 1600cc engine model is the most common one. This engine is paired with 6 speed auto and 6 speed manual transmission.

You can read the full specs and features of this car model on the official website of Hyundai. The price of this car will be around 3.6 to 4 million Pakistani rupees.

These were some of the most anticipated cars which are to hit the Pakistani market in 2021.

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