BuynBiz Pvt. Ltd is a Free Classifieds Platform in Pakistan. We provide our buyers n sellers fully functional automated environment to buy and sell products online.

About Us

While there are lots of online sites where you can buy new products, the online marketplace lacks proper and trustable platforms for buying and selling used products. People across Pakistan love to buy used products to save themselves some money, and sell their used items to make room for new ones in their house. This creates the need for a reliable and trustable online platform where Pakistanis can buy and sell used items.

This is where BuynBiz comes in. We have introduced this online platform to help you sell your used items, and buy new ones without any hassle of visiting local markets and having to pay the middleman.

You just need to click on “Post New Ad” “Register an Account” and you can easily upload your products free and showcase them to millions of users.

Featured Ad facility is also available with a minimal fee.

Our platform provides its users with the unique opportunity of posting their selling ads. But more importantly, we have added a “Requirements” section for your ease so you can post and tell about the things that you need.

You can add your requirements in your post, and anyone having the item(s) you need will be able to contact you for selling. This feature is unique to the BuynBiz platform and is introduced to help you leave a permanent post on our site instead of searching for the needed items online for hours.

Here’s a brief overview of each of our categories.


One of our categories is Animals. As the name suggests, this category allows you to place ads for selling your animals, and you can buy animals as well if you want to. The animals section frees you of the worries of visiting different animal markets near you to see and bargain for the animal you need.

On BuynBiz, you can cut the middleman and buy directly from pet owners. It will surely help you cut the cost. You might even find your neighbor selling the animal you so desperately need to buy.

Electronics & Home Appliances

There’s a huge used Electronics & Home Appliances market in Pakistan. That’s mainly because new electronics items are usually very costly. So, you can explore our Electronics & Home Appliances section to see a range of different appliances and buy the one you need at a discounted price.

Buying used appliances allows you to only pay for the features you need, and you can also save a lot of money. Usually, you can find slightly used appliances that are still under warranty and are in perfect condition.

Meet the seller in person and check the appliance in a working state before buying.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty is one of the leading categories on our platform. That’s because people are always looking for updated fashion accessories.

This category is equally beneficial for men and women. You will see ads about selling dresses (new), makeup items, and various other fashion related accessories in this section of our website.

You can also place your ad here if you want to sell your items related to this category, or buy some stuff at a discounted price as compared to the physical market.

Buying directly from wholesalers always saves you some money.


This section of our website is dedicated to both employers and job seekers throughout Pakistan. Here they can interact with each other regarding jobs of all sorts. Many employers select our platform for posting job opportunities available in different areas of the country.

You can surf through all the jobs available throughout the country as there are no location-based restrictions applied.

You are also free to contact the employer and inquire about the job criteria, location and salary.

If you’re an employer, you can post free, well-explained job ads in this section.

Mobiles & Accessories

There are around 500 million smartphone users in Pakistan as of current statistics (collected in 2020). This is a huge number, and this creates an amazing business opportunity for mobile and their accessories.

However, it is very difficult to get quality accessories according to the specs you need as not every shopkeeper is tech-savvy.

On BuynBiz, we provide you with a unique opportunity of posting ads for selling mobiles and accessories.

If you’re a buyer, you will find many used mobile phones and accessories in this section. You can sort the search results according to your needs, and buy the right product for yourself.


Real estate is a big business in Pakistan causing billions in transactions every day. Property business is booming day by day and seeing its peak in Pakistan.

Our platform provides a unique opportunity for property sellers and buyers to post their selling ads, and buy the property they need by cutting the middleman.

Whether you’re a property buyer or seller, you can use your platform to interact with property buyers and sellers across Pakistan.

This will help you see all the properties for sale in your concerned area, and also save some money by directly contacting the homeowners.


Many people in Pakistan buy and sell used vehicles, as not everyone can afford to buy new vehicles. Also, a 3 to 4 years old vehicle comes down to its real value according to its popularity in the market, and it is really unlikely that the vehicle would depreciate further from that price.

Whether you’re a vehicle buyer or seller, you can find lots of vehicle ads, and can place yours on the website as well.

You can meet buyers and sellers in real time and buy the used car of your dreams.

Requirements/What Do You Need?

This feature is unique to our platform. The “Requirements” selection allows you to post your requirements on our website for any items that you need to buy. This section is open for posting ads of any type and category.

Instead of surfing the web for hours to find the used product you need, you can simply write down the product name, and provide all the requirements as well.

After you post the requirements ad, every person visiting this section will be able to see your ad, and will contact you for selling their used or new items.

This is the best way to buy from our BuynBiz platform.